Who is Gourasana?

Beginning in 1987, a small group of people – who later helped found Miracle of Love® – became aware of a special assistance with a transformational energy coming from God. This assistance and energy was coming through the modern-day Incarnation of God, Gourasana – “The Golden One.” He came accompanied by the Heavenly Host. The energy of the Host began to be felt in the 1960’s and is now being felt worldwide by many.

Gourasana delivered his teachings and brought the direct knowledge of God – and a connection to the Heavenly Host and transformational energy – from the body of David Swanson. Gourasana worked with His small core of people spiritually beginning in 1987 and continued guiding the members of Miracle of Love until He passed from this world on March 24, 1995.

Many people worldwide are now feeling the energy coming from God through The Heavenly Host and Gourasana. This energy continues to increase throughout the world, helping humankind in many ways. Gourasana has left behind a path led by two spiritual masters, Kalindi and The Lady. They have been prepared to help people today in their spiritual transformation to become freer and freer, closer and closer to God each day. They are spiritual masters for the world and are prepared to help those ready to break the cycle of birth and death, no rebirth. This is the journey to return Home to God in this lifetime, back to the Source, at the natural time of death.

Although there are many names and many forms of God, Gourasana’s teachings are of one God. Over time, many Incarnations of God have come to the world to help humankind’s quest for God. Gourasana has come now especially for a certain group of people that desire to return to the Source in this lifetime. He speaks of traditional truths, from both the East and West, and He is speaking of the most current truths that people are waiting to hear.

Miracle of Love® is not here to convert or judge anyone, or any spiritual group. It is here simply to let those who are searching for this know: you can become spiritually free; your endless suffering can end. The endless love can be found.

To David Swanson we pay tribute for allowing his body to be fully used as a vessel of God’s truth and presence on this earth.

For more information: (800) 338-3788 or info@miracle.org.